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Unhinged by Crisa Valadez

from East French Press: Poetry Power Hour by East French Press



UNHINGED Crisa Valadez

Awoken at dawn by the harsh glow of the sun
playing in the shadows of my room
Refracting shapes haunt me
with lingering thoughts,
leaving me in contemplative quandaries
about things beyond mortal control.

I’ve stopped counting the hours,
slipping into routine normalcy,
forgetting what it all even means.
In another life things could be different,
in the old life, they were.
Or were they?

I’ll never forget how those days felt;
the oxygen being sucked from my lungs,
disintegrating at the thought of the public,
using a wall of sound to block out the crippling dialogue
of white noise in my own head.
Fear of the marketplace‚
has never felt so familiar.

Every day a new story breaks,
urging us all into insufferable chaos.
The line between informed and paranoid
seems to blur so easily.
Mandates become mine fields
for those without malady.
Humanity grows heavy
in the weight of each new day.

A chorus of anxious voices drone in and out
as the mirror reflects a disparate visage with each passing morning.
Shielded faces and concealed hands proceed
across unincorporated territories,
devoid of all accustomed touch.

A new world order beckons.
Descending into tender oblivion
has never felt so unprecedented,
yet the horizon is visible still.
We remain grasping at the threads
that once held us all together,
and though they are sparse
in our current state,
we must not unravel.


from East French Press: Poetry Power Hour, released April 25, 2021
(mixed by James Orchid)




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